Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Tempest (up-to-the-month Bob Dylan reference) has passed...


It has been a while since I posted. That was mostly because not a lot was happening for a while - I was awaiting the availability of cast members.

However, I can now report that the filming with the main cast has wrapped; a little sound work and some cutaway shots with Megan and a few loose ends with Sharon, and all I have left to do now is what I started with - the interviews.

Ironic that they were supposed to be shot ahead of the rest of the film, before I had bought the DSLR...but then, the whole process has been full of ironies. The interviews came about because I wanted to give everyone I'd worked with on previous projects a chance to have a little screen time, and I've ended up having to use a load of people I hardly knew. (Who have all done superbly, I might add, and to all of whom I am extremely grateful.)

So, this thing that nearly destroyed me is tamed and the end is in sight. The interviews only involve one person at a time, need no crewing, and have no continuity issues bar the (permanent) set, so even if it takes me six months, I can do this. And the clips won't need extensive editing - merely to be dropped in place.

Knowing the filming process is almost over people have begun to look at me with a certain pity in their eyes, the words 'the edit' on their lips. And yes, it's going to be a fairly long haul, but truth to tell, with no one but myself to organise, no illnesses or injuries to work around, no weather forecasts to keep an eye on, no locations to book, no equipment to lug halfway across town, no feeling of dread when I see I have six facebook messages and three texts...well, playing with the footage is going to seem like a total f**cking holiday...

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  1. This sounds like an exciting life you lead, Tim. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my blog.