Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Song Remains (Mostly) The Same

Sometimes you get a second chance.

As if I hadn’t already used up my store of lucky breaks just getting the film made, we've had one extra little bit of serendipity.

Our talented leading lady is not only a superb actress but a very gifted singer (for evidence have a listen), but because I was caught up in the editing of the film and was leaving the soundtrack to Luke and Joe it didn't occur to me until too late that we should have got Talia to sing one of the songs.

However – shortly after the screening back in April, I discovered that the vocal on one of the songs was simply a holding vocal, put down just so the song could be used for the night. And lo and behold, it was a song about Hazel, in the first person – what could have been more perfect for Talia?

A few quick messages established that Luke and Joe liked the sound of Talia's singing and Talia herself was very keen to do it; we had a deadline of sorts and ended up cutting it fine (not to mention that Google maps was out of date so I ended up wandering in the wrong part of London for an hour!), but as the attached photos show, with Talia at the mic and Joe at the console, it happened!


...in other news, just scraping in two days before the extended deadline...

...so keep your fingers crossed, everyone!

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